Soyan Professional 3D Pen

$99.00 $54.00

  • Brand: Soyan
  • Technology: Molten Plastic
  • Filament size: 1.75 mm
  • Filament type: ABS, PLA
  • Display: YES
  • Wireless: sort of (it's usb powered)
  • Weight (g): 272

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Manufacturer’s detailed description:

  • Fantastic printing pen for kids to create or build 3D masterpieces, improve their spatial thinking ability and encourage their creative imagination.
  • You can easily regulate the speed of the filament for optimal control while you’re drawing 3D project.
  • It allows you to use any thermoplastic filaments as long as it is 1.75mm and melts between 130-240℃.
  • You can monitor the melting temperature and help you to achieve better printing performance.
  • Includes 30ft filament sample and 5pcs paper stencils, you can start creating 3D project quickly.

What can Soyan Professional 3D Pen be used for?
3D pens are mostly marketed as artistic devices, as they offer a unique medium for 3D sculptors to work in. It also works as a fantastic tool for prototyping design and spatial learning. However, Soyan professional 3D pen can also be used for decorative or repair purposes, or in conjunction with 3d printers to weld smaller parts together into larger models.

Why choosing Soyan 3D Pen?
1. Slim Design – Ultra-slim design allowing you to maneuver the 3D pen conveniently.
2. Caters Any Thermoplastic – This Soyan 3D pen allows you to use any thermoplastic be it wood or bronzed filaments as long as it is 1.75mm and melts between 130-240℃.
3. Stepless Speed Control – It allows you to regulate the speed and flow of the filament for optimal control while you draw your 3D object. You can make its flow fast, slow or anywhere in between to cater whatever design you have in mind.
4. Adjustable Temperature – You can adjust the melting temperature by 1-degree increments from 130 to 240℃ for optimal fine tuning, which is clearly showed on the OLED display.
5. Portably Powered – This Soyan Professional pen is USB powered, you can plug it into your computer or any power banks with at least 2A output. This is a great feature, especially if you want to work outdoors.
6. Replaceable Modular Nozzle – A temperature mistake could clog your nozzle and send it straight to your trash bin. Fortunately, the Soyan professional 3D pen comes with a modular nozzle design that you can just replace in minutes if you need to.

Key Features:
•Slim design.
•More precise extrusion.
•Adjustable feed.
•Adjustable temperature.
•Can be used with different materials.
•Has a modular nozzle design that is replaceable.
•USB powered, can be used with battery power banks.
•Has a large OLED display.



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